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Our product

Advantage4me™ Decision Maker is an online tool for analysing sports performance and training.

This comes in two different modules to choose from:

Screenshot for Player-based system

Player module

Player and team statistics, game and player reports, video clipping, and more!

Match Official module

Referee or umpire statistics, reviewer reports, video clipping, and more!

Video footage recorded can be used to accurately review, assess and share the action and statistics.

We are the leaders in our field, developing smart solutions for professional sports people, teams and community sports organisations.

All sporting codes, from rugby, football, basketball, netball, cricket and water sports, can benefit from the latest technology available through Advantage4me™.

Our mission statement

Rob Neru founder of Advantage4me


Advantage4me™ was developed to take advantage of an opportunity to:


An idea was formed when Advantage4me’s company founder and managing director, Rob Neru, realised that the use of video as part of the process of training sportspeople and officials was the most effective way to communicate meaningful feedback and improve performance.

Our Vision

To be the leaders and trusted suppliers in the provision of sports technology around the world.


Our aim and focus is to provide cost effective technology solutions to sporting organisations and sportspeople. To improve performance and productivity whilst providing centralised storage for video footage and statistical information.

To change the current focus of coaching by leveraging technology to ensure fact based visual information is used as the primary method of coaching.

To provide an internationally recognised, leading edge technology system that can be used by, and add value to, both professional and community based organisations, including schools and provincial sporting clubs.

To ensure our system can be used by children, parents, family members, friends, coaches, players and match officials to improve performance in any sport.

To improve productivity by removing the manual work currently associated with sports administration.

We are a proud New Zealand business which operates in Wellington, New Zealand.

Who uses Advantage4me™?

Rod Hill

Currently heads up a team of high performance rugby referees, producing some of the best in the world.

Rod Hill talks about his experience using Team Networker, the professional version of Advantage4me™.

Dave Meaclem, 1st XV Head Coach

Grant Kereama Set Piece Coach

Dave and Grant talks about their amazing experience using Advantage4me™.

Keith Stevens, First XI Coach

Coaching at a private school, you want the best facilities and the best equipment you can get. I found Advantage4me and it is a great programme to use.

I used it for all our first team games and training. I loved being able to send videos to the players to watch their performances, and when I wanted to, I could edit the videos and send individual players some major points I wanted to them to look at.

A great programme to have and I cannot wait for next season to start so I can get back to using it again. Great back-up support, if I have a problem/question.

Mike Wallace, Head Coach

I have used most of the game analysis systems currently employed in professional rugby circles in Australia and New Zealand.

My coaches are noticing a real difference in our player’s game awareness and on field application through their use of Advantage4me.

We have been using Advantage4me for the last 2 years. It is a very user friendly system that has allowed our players to grow their knowledge of their own game and that of the opposition.

The company’s service is excellent and their support of our program has had a major impact on our success over the last 2 seasons.