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Upload your video

Send your video to us.

Pick the game, team or person this video belongs to.

Cut clips from this video, and code the clips to statistics.

Search the video library for videos you have sent or clips that were cut.

Invite reviewers and viewers

Invite users and grant them access to watch the videos.

Coaches, players and match officials can quickly add a report to a game for analysis, or for the reviewer to revise and update.

Review & communicate

Coaches, players, match officials, managers, and reviewers can easily assess a game and view videos as many times as they need to.

Our statistics interface makes it easy to view game statistics and results.

Better your game

Access past data to track an individual's performance. Quickly ascertain where improvements can be made and find strategies that work.

Advantage4me™ is an invaluable tool for the personal development of coaches, players and match officials.

It’s the attention to detail that creates good performance and great sports people.